How to Make a Good First Impression at a Job Interview

Every successful employee has at some point endured the stress and excitement that comes with a job interview. And with good reasons because it can make a huge difference in your career, wealth and personality. Whether you’re targeting the big boss in an electronics company or just a local fruit specialist, a good first impression can go a long way. Here’re a few pointers that will make you the perfect employee for every boss, big or small. Both literally and in rank.

1. Visual presentation

The first thing your future boss will see during and before your job interview is your appearance. Your clothes, hair, nails, pants but also the way you walk, or move your arms. It’s important that your appearance suggests that you take good care of yourself. How can a boss hire someone that can’t even take care of himself? Things you can try to improve your appearance are: get a tan, join a gym, do morning yoga, eat healthy, don’t smoke or drink etc. But what if your job interview is tomorrow and you haven’t done any of those things? Well then you can do the little things that make a lot of difference like: wear formal clothes, cut your nails, brush your teeth and floss. You don’t have to look like a model just show that you tried to make a good and serious first impression. Or it can say something about your sexual preferences but mostly the employee thing.

2. Gestures

The second thing they will see are your gestures or nonverbal communication. Most employers actually rate your behavior higher than the things you say. You should never scratch your arm or touch your face while you’re claiming something. They will think that you’re lying. And when you talk use your hands to emphasize your words. For example when you say “and then we can do that and become bigger” show it with your hands by sweeping them slightly from left to right. It’s so important during a job interview to impress everyone that you will need your whole body to do it, don’t take that literally though. No seriously please don’t you can really make a fool of yourself.

3. Know your material

Yes this is still important. If you really want a job I suggest you do an extensive research to the job and the company you want to become an employee at. In a way you are wasting the company’s time and its up to you to show that you’re worth the hassle. Take it seriously, and show that you know your material. Bring it up during the job interview. If you’re really confident mention something and propose a better more productive way to do it, your bosses will know that you mean business.

And that’s all you need to know to make a good first impression. Good luck and remember: the force is always with you, no I meant karma, sorry.


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