Bad Economy Sending Adults Back to School

When considering going back to school after many years in the workforce, whether for a Master’s or a certification program, figure out your options, see if you can marry your passion with the skills you already have for your new career. If you want to go in a totally different direction, do your research and talk to those in the field about how you can acquire the necessary skills and what additional degrees you will need. Take the time to interview the students and graduates at the school you may want to attend, especially those who may have also gone back as adult learners, to get their feedback and recommendations.

Here are some advantages of going to school during this recession period:

  • Networking
  • Stability
  • Increase skills
  • Fill in holes on your resume
  • May be eligible for tax credit
  • Gives you a chance to pursue your dream

There are plenty of resources which will help adult learners re-enter colleges or certification programs without breaking the bank. Online preparation for entrance exams or getting extra help online is an affordable option. You can spend time preparing from the comforts of your home, or any location, allowing you most flexibility. You can also cut down on paying for unnecessary overhead costs by learning online; no need to carry around tons of paper either. Get connected and explore the virtual world in order to reinvent yourself.


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